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Here are 10 brilliant fiction books that are exceptional in style, story and ingenuity!
Let me know if you have any further recommendations (fiction as well as non-fiction!)

1. The City Of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers*

My absolute favourite book. When I was 11 or 12 one of my best friends recommended Walter Moers to me: Never having heard of him, I rushed into the closest library and asked the man working there whether they had any of his books. He looked at me as though
I had just confessed to eating my own poo, and replied, ‘Do we sell the books by the greatest German author of all time?’.

The City Of Dreaming Books is written from the perspective of a lindworm (a dinosaur), who inherits a manuscript so breathtakingly brilliant and powerful, that he sets out to find its anonymous author.

If you enjoyed J. K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman, Walter Moers should be your next stop: He is the greatest story-teller I’ve ever read.

2. Flight Of The Storks by Jean-Christophe Grangé*

Probably the most suspenseful thing I’ve ever read. Story line: Young man called Louis is tasked with finding out why the storks aren’t making their return to Europe lately. He starts following them on their journey and finds himself in a world of greed, murder and maggot-infested corpses.

This book is a tornado of gruesome violence, beautiful language and disturbing insights into the merciless law of the Congolian Jungle: I cannot recommend it highly enough.

3. Wilt by Tom Sharpe

I started reading this book whilst on a plane and had to stop because the other passengers were getting annoyed with my almost hysterical laughter. I’m not usually a big fan of my father’s book recommendations, but this was brilliant.

It’s about Henry Wilt, a middle-aged teacher who plans his obnoxious wife’s murder… with a sex doll. Everything goes horribly wrong and Continue Reading…